My analysis about the EU’s proposed new rule of law procedure

My analysis about the proposed new EU rule of law procedure is available under the title “Better protection of the rule of law – or of European taxpayers’ money” in the Reflection series of the IIR Prague.

You can access the file here.

The writing addresses some of the questions that may be raised related to EU law, member state sovereignty and its possible effects. The regulation still has a long way to go to become a law and in or order for that to happen it needs to be accepted by the Council. According to my opinion, this legislation is necessary, as currently only the possible withdrawal or hold of EU funds can be a proper tool to keep some member state governments from further violations of basic EU legal principles, like of the rule of law.

My interview about Nikola Gruevski to Al Jazeera Balkans

I have given an interview to Al Jazeera Balkans about the situation of the Macedonian ex prime minister Nikola Gruevski and his “strange travel” to Hungary.

According to my opinion, his request for asylum and the whole process of him arriving to Hungary is legally dubious and probably will cause not only diplomatic trouble to Hungary, but also could give an option to Macedonia to turn to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for violation of laws of diplomatic relations. Its jurisdiction is provided by the fact that both states are parties to the relevant Vienna Convention and its protocols without any reservations that could exclude the applicability of the ICJ dispute settlement clause within.

My analysis on the “lex CEU”

My analysis about the newly adopted “lex CEU” in Hungary is available under the title “Attack on the CEU in Hungary – Attack only on academic freedom?” in the International Law Reflections series of the IIR Prague.

You can access the document here.

The writing addresses some of the questions that may be raised related to this shameful piece of legislation, sheds light to the political background, analyses possible legal consequences – and most importantly, points out its biggest mistake, for which the Constitutional Court shall strike it down immediately, without any further questions or deeper analysis.

“És azt, ugye, nem szeretné senki, hogy a ‘rule of law’ helyett a ‘rule of opinion’ uralkodjon, mint a II. világháború utáni népbíróságok rendszerében?”

A Magyar Narancs hasábjain megjelent egy írás “Törvény vagy vélemény” címmel, amihez az én gondolataimat is megkérdezte a szerző. A téma az igazságszolgáltatás működése és a közvélemény arra gyakorolt esetleges hatásai.

Az írás itt elérhető.

Az “őrjöngő” jogalkotásról

A Magyar Nemzet járta körül a hazai jogalkotás aktuális kérdéseit, arra fókuszálva, hogy milyen mennyiségű új jogszabály születik, és ennek milyen hatásai vannak.

A véleményem úgy gondolom, ismert, mert elég gyakran elmondom, elég sok helyen, de megtisztelő, hogy újra elmondhattam. Ez az egyik olyan területe az életnek, ahol a mennyiség jellemzően nem csap át minőségbe, ellenben a befogadói oldalon csak gondokat okoz.

Az írás itt elérhető.

Expert opinion to the Venice Commission: Notes on the new constitution / Fundamental Law of Hungary

After the Hungarian Parliament has adopted the text of the new constitution (the so-called Fundamental Law), as a reaction to the wide criticism, the Venice Commission (the main consultative and advisory professional body of the Council of Europe on consitutional matters) has decided to visit Hungary and have consultations with as many actors as possible on the subject. The government was responsible for organising the visit and – as I have expected – they have stacked the schedule of the delegation, so at the end, a very narrow timeframe was allocated for non-governmental opinions. I was one of the independent experts listened to by the Commission, and because of the abovementioned reason, I have prepared a written note on the subject, to make sure that the important points do get to the attention of the Commission even if we will not have the time to talk about those.

It is available under my profile, You can download it directly as well.