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Latest posts in English:

My online presentation on demise of rule of law and problems in Hungary

You can watch my online presentation held together with Emese Pásztor and Botond Bőtös on rule of law problems in Hungary at the invitation of Mikuláš Peksa, a Czech pirate member of the European Parliament. My presentation has covered a short overview of the process of demise of democracy and rule of law in Hungary, … “My online presentation on demise of rule of law and problems in Hungary” olvasásának folytatása

My presentation at the conference of MRU on 70 years of the ECHR

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in an international conference organised by the Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) of Lithuania. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the conference was organised online, and it has covered various aspects related to the 70 years anniversary of the existence of the European Convention on Human Rights, and … “My presentation at the conference of MRU on 70 years of the ECHR” olvasásának folytatása

Post-truth, alternative “facts” by the Hungarian minister of justice

After the judgment finally rendered by the European Court of Justice on the infringement procedure initiated by the European Commission against Hungary for adoption of the so-called “NGO Transparency Law”, finding it actually being in violation of EU law, the minister of justice has immediately reacted with some strange “explanation”, seemingly arguing it is an … “Post-truth, alternative “facts” by the Hungarian minister of justice” olvasásának folytatása

BVerfG v. CJEU?

Az Európai Bizottság elnöke is megszólalt a német Alkotmánybíróság korábban már bemutatott döntésével kapcsolatban. Itt elolvasható, elsőre nem tűnik ki belőle semmi extra (azon túl, hogy elfelejtette Strasbourgot, amelynek gyakorlata a Maastrichti szerződés óta az uniós jog elsődleges forrásai közé tartozik), ám az, hogy megemlíti a kötelezettségszegési eljárás megindításának lehetőségét, az azért felvet némi izgalmakat. … “BVerfG v. CJEU?” olvasásának folytatása

Video interview about the recent “constitutional coup” in Hungary

I have been asked for interviews by numerous representatives of international press and many colleagues working all over the world recently about the current situation in Hungary. I have decided to make these interviews and information available here as well and also to open an English section to my website. Expect more English content soon! … “Video interview about the recent “constitutional coup” in Hungary” olvasásának folytatása

Quoted in Radio Free Europe

My opinion was quoted in an article by Radio Free Europe about the new emergency legislation planned in Hungary, related to the coronavirus pandemic. I uphold my earlier opinion about the introduction of the state of emergency being against the Hungarian consitution, and this new piece of legislation is unneccessary and potentially capable of causing … “Quoted in Radio Free Europe” olvasásának folytatása

My analysis about the EU’s proposed new rule of law procedure

My analysis about the proposed new EU rule of law procedure is available under the title “Better protection of the rule of law – or of European taxpayers’ money” in the Reflection series of the IIR Prague. You can access the file here. The writing addresses some of the questions that may be raised related … “My analysis about the EU’s proposed new rule of law procedure” olvasásának folytatása

My interview about Nikola Gruevski to Al Jazeera Balkans

I have given an interview to Al Jazeera Balkans about the situation of the Macedonian ex prime minister Nikola Gruevski and his “strange travel” to Hungary. According to my opinion, his request for asylum and the whole process of him arriving to Hungary is legally dubious and probably will cause not only diplomatic trouble to … “My interview about Nikola Gruevski to Al Jazeera Balkans” olvasásának folytatása


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